Options and services for the pledget cutter

suture cutting machine, gripping mechanism.

almost everything is possible...

Machine options:

Standard sizes

Standard sizes of pledgets
Standard pledget sizes in millimeters.

There are many standard sizes for pledget cutting blades, as shown in . They can be circular, elliptical, round-cornered or rectangular shaped.

Online calulator for a felt-sheet

This calculator allows you to calculate the maximal amount of pledgets which can be produced out of a PTFE-sheet. The form is filled with default values, which can be altered. Insert new values to calculate the maximum exploit per felt sheet. The exploit is recalculated each time after changing and pressing the return-key:

felt sheet size (square): mm
pledget width: mm
pledget length: mm
space between pledget width (column-direction): mm
space between pledget lenth (row-direction): mm
sheet border outer margin row: mm
sheet border outer margin column : mm
pledgets per colom:   pledgets
pledgets per row:   pledgets
exploit per felt sheet: pledgets
Explanation of the values of the online felt-sheet-calculator:

- The industry standard felt-size is 6" x 6", i.e. 152mm x 152mm.
- Possible lengths and widths for pledgets can be looked up in .
- To get a regular shaped pledget a rim between each produced pledget is necessary. A good starting value is 0.5mm.
- The distance between the pledget-rows should be 1mm.
- The felt needs to be held on the edges. This has as effect that about 5 millimeters are lost in the column direction.

Custom made sizes

minimal width
1.5mm (.06")
minimal size with hole
2.5mm x 2.5mm (.10" x .10")
maximal size
12.7mm x 7.9mm (.50" x .31")
maximal felt thickness
3mm (0.12")
minimal corner-radius of 0.5mm (.02")
almost everything possible within the limits described
Pledget-shape extreme values

Almost any pledget-shape is possible as long as they are within the limitations described in . If you need something outside of these specifications, we are willing to build a customized machine fitting your needs.

Calibration, validation

calibrated controllers
The calibrated pressure-regulators

Each new machine will be delivered with calibration certificates. We also offer to recalibrate the machine every two years together with maintanance. We provide a fully validated machine upon demand .

Maintanance, after-sales services

Our team provides a full service around the pledget cutting machine: regular maintanance, replacement-parts and if necessary reengineering.